How to remove the engine head of an alpha moped

Sooner or later, every owner of an Alpha moped is faced with the need to carry out maintenance. Otherwise, the vehicle will not be able to be used. You need to understand how to remove the head on an Alpha moped. This procedure is necessary to replace valves or flush the combustion chamber. Carbon may accumulate inside, and to clean it you may need to remove the cylinder head of the Alpha moped. It is necessary to perform a series of sequential actions to carry out repairs or maintenance. In our Dvako Moto online store you can buy a reliable moped or have it fully serviced.

Engine Features

The engine of the Chinese Alpha moped has characteristic features, thanks to which fans of motorcycle technology prefer this particular model.

Engine for Alpha moped

Engine capacity - 72 cc. With the right approach, it can be upgraded to 110 cc. Also, if desired, you can increase the speed by 10 kilometers.

The weak point of the engine is the gearbox, which requires close attention and a delicate approach . When repairing the “heart” of a moped, you need to know how to correctly disassemble and reassemble this part of the motorcycle “organism”.

Alpha is equipped with a powerful engine, the circuit of which is complex. If you can’t figure it out on your own, it is recommended to contact an experienced specialist. The price of repairs is quite affordable.

Technical characteristics of the Alpha RX 110 moped

DimensionsLength/width/height – 1.84/0.52/1.02 m
Moped weight85 kg
Limit load capacityThe maximum load capacity of the moped is 150 kilograms. Just the other day my wife and I took a ride in an Alpha, where our total weight was 130 kg. It pulls briskly along the dirt road. The two of us flew up a steep hill in first gear.
Engine1-cylinder, 4-stroke
Fuel consumption1.9 liters per 100 km (at a speed of 40 km/h)
StarterYou can start the moped using either a foot starter or an electric starter.
Fuel tank capacityThe tank holds 10 liters of gasoline. I use gasoline grade AI 95. You can use no lower than AI - 92.
Oil in the crankcase0.9 liters
PowerMaximum moped power 7 horsepower
Tires2.5/2.75 on 17-inch wheels. The pressure in the front wheel is 1.8 kgf/cm. The pressure in the rear wheel is 2.0 kgf/cm.
Brake typeThe moped has drum brakes on the rear and front wheels.
TransmissionFour-speed transmission with neutral gear between first and second gears.
Maximum speedThe moped reaches a maximum speed of 85 kilometers per hour with a 15-tooth drive sprocket according to the speedometer.
IgnitionCDI electronic ignition
Battery12 v, 7Ah

Causes of malfunction

The Chinese Alpha moped, whose price is affordable, does not cause owners many problems. Interruptions in a moped engine have several causes, and once you understand them, you can quickly fix the breakdown.

Disassembling the moped engine

So, if the engine starts with great difficulty, the muffler “shoots”, and smoke comes out of the chimney, it means that the moped is “capricious” due to problems with the carburetor. In order to solve this problem with the Alpha moped, you need to:

If the Alpha slowly picks up speed, and its engine is not able to develop the declared power, then the reason is the incorrect operation of the moped valves. It can also “get sick” due to gaps and incorrect timing. In order to make the Alpha moped function normally, it is necessary to replace the used valves with new ones.

If the Alpha moped is not able to reach the required speed, despite the roar of the engine and solid revolutions, it is impossible to stop the spinning wheel, and gear shifting occurs intermittently, then the cause of the malfunction is clutch wear.

Moped clutch parts

To eliminate the breakdown, you must perform the following manipulations:

Another cause of moped engine malfunction may be wear on the drive sprockets. If they are very worn, they must be replaced with new ones.

You may encounter the problem of engine overheating. The situation can be corrected after adding oil. If oil leaks, you must urgently contact a professional service .

Alpha moped engine overheating

Engine disassembly

Disassembling the Alpha engine is quite simple. To do this you need:

After performing the necessary manipulations, you need to properly assemble the engine, installing all the parts in place.

A diagram can help you understand the nuances. Also, a lot of useful tips regarding repairing the most important “organ” of the Alpha moped are contained in the training video.

Removing the cylinder head of the Alpha moped

When detonation occurs or to replace valves, as well as to clean the combustion chamber from accumulated carbon deposits, it becomes necessary to remove the moped cylinder head .
To do this, you will need a set of keys, and, of course, a certain amount of courage. If you are unsure of your abilities, it is better to contact a specialized center. Let's get started, I guess. First, unscrew the muffler and then remove the carburetor exhaust pipe. Find a 10mm key screw on the back of the round plug and unscrew it. This will allow you to remove the camshaft gear cover. Then, holding the flywheel nut with a 14mm socket wrench, use a 9mm socket wrench to unscrew the three bolts that secure the camshaft gear. Now you can unscrew the valve adjustment windows. For this we need a key for 17.

We remove the gear from the camshaft and unscrew the screw that connects the head to the cylinder. Then, unscrew the 4 chrome caps and carefully, so as not to damage the gasket, remove the top cover from the cylinder head. Now you can remove the cylinder head from the studs. Next, we visually assess the condition of the compression gasket and rubber sealing rings of the oil channel. If wear or damage is visible, these parts must be replaced.

Next, you need to remove the round rubber cap. To do this, unscrew the chain guide mounting axis using a 10mm wrench. Unscrew the screw that connects the cylinder to the crankcase and remove the cylinder from the studs. We evaluate the condition of the working surface of the cylinder and piston. If necessary, remove carbon deposits with a wooden scraper wrapped in a clean rag soaked in gasoline or kerosene.

For the same purposes, you can use special cleaners. Inspect the camshaft lobes for wear. They may need to be replaced along with the camshaft. Now all that remains is to install the scooter's cylinder head and carefully install all the parts in place. The main thing is that you don’t have any extra spare parts left.


Alfa moped engine repair

Recommendations for repairing the Alpha engine.

As we all know, any motorcycle wears out and breaks over time, especially if it is not handled correctly. The most important part of the Alpha moped is its engine, which, if handled improperly or repaired or replaced with spare parts, may not work or work incorrectly. To avoid such problems, you need to know how to properly repair the engine of an Alpha moped with your own hands. This is easy to do if you have the necessary experience and knowledge.

Do-it-yourself repair of Alpha moped engines

When the moped does not start, the muffler fires and black smoke comes out of it, this means that you have a problem with the carburetor. To fix these problems, you need to clean the carburetor and air filter, also make carburetor adjustments and tighten the bolts thoroughly.

If your moped takes a long time to accelerate, and the engine does not have enough standard power, the problem is broken valves. The old valves need to be replaced with new ones and the moped will work again.

If the Alpha moped cannot accelerate to the required speed, although it has high speeds, and the engine roars like crazy and shifts gears intermittently, the problem is clutch wear. To repair the clutch you need to do the following: you must remove the engine and the plastic cover from it, then unscrew the clamping bolt and the adjustment mechanism, then tighten the clamping bolt tightly, and start the moped. After all this, you need to drive a little at first speed, about a couple of meters. Also, another cause of engine-related problems is wear of the drive sprockets , in which case you will have to replace them with new ones.

Engine overheating . This problem can be solved very simply - add oil. If suddenly oil leaks from somewhere, you should definitely contact a professional.

Gearbox disassembly

It is necessary to disassemble the gearbox in order to replace used parts. This is done after the following parts have been dismantled:

Repair of this part of the engine is carried out as follows:

  1. Using a screwdriver or blade, remove the retaining ring and the drive gear;
  2. Carefully unscrew the gear fixing bolt and remove the gear shift mechanism;
  3. remove the gear shift fork and shaft;
  4. remove the crankshaft and drum (including the core);
  5. After replacing the worn part with a new one, reassemble (in reverse order).

Let's start repairing the Chinese miracle of technology

The Alpha 72cc moped is one of the most famous representatives among Chinese motorcycles. This moped is perfect for use both in rural areas and on city roads. A durable iron frame, complete absence of plastic parts, large diameter wheels - simply created for domestic roads, the quality of which is far from European level.

If you ride often, the rather high seating position of the ALPHA moped makes it possible to overcome low obstacles. A big advantage when choosing a moped is its low price, which makes the purchase quite affordable. This would be a good choice for a beginner.

There are models with a side trailer. Practical to use in rural areas. A reliable assistant in the household.

Economical, with an engine capacity of 72 cubic meters and air cooling, the Alpha moped is unpretentious. This is an extremely simple transport and servicing it couldn’t be easier! You simply cannot find a simpler engine, and spare parts cheaper than Alfa’s can only be found in a dream.

Anyone can carry out tuning or repairs on an Alpha moped with their own hands.

Before you start disassembling the motor, you should fix it on the center stand and completely remove all the plastic. All power systems should be turned off - tank, carburetor and fuel filter; The oil should also be drained.

The engine should be removed along with the transmission, and the Alpha moped should be repaired on a flat surface.

You can remove the alpha engine according to the following diagram:

Is this your first time repairing an Alpha moped yourself? No problem! A moped is not a hadron collider; nothing has changed in 50 years of moped construction. For convenience, draw a diagram of the location of the parts so that later you can complete the assembly without any problems.

A smartphone can help, take photos of each step so that later you can reassemble in the reverse order without confusion.

If it is necessary to replace the valves, or if there are gaps in the fit, then they need to be removed:

The gearbox of an Alpha moped often fails and requires constant attention. The author of this article got the sprockets stuck in the box while driving in 4th gear 10 years ago. When trying to force a gear change, for some reason the gearbox automatically selected first gear and the moped was driven at a speed of under 100 km/h. just braked without throwing the author of this article over the steering wheel

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