Out into the wild, into the pampas - Irbis TTR 250 conquers off-road terrain

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The lightweight IRBIS TTR 250 is a cross-country motorcycle, perfect for traveling on light off-road and rough terrain. It will also give beginners the opportunity to feel like a cross-country racer and try their hand at a real cross-country track. The inverted fork and large wheel size make the motorcycle easy to control and comfortable.

The lightweight IRBIS TTR 250 is a cross-country motorcycle, perfect for traveling on light off-road and rough terrain. It will also give beginners the opportunity to feel like a cross-country racer and try their hand at a real cross-country track. The inverted fork and large wheel size make the motorcycle easy to control and comfortable.

Irbis TTR 250

At the same time, the motorcycle accelerates to a speed of 110 km/h within 12-14 seconds.

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Unlike previous models, the turn indicators and license plate mount have been removed from the IRBIS TTR250 motorcycle. If desired, it is possible to install these devices for city driving with subsequent registration of the motorcycle. But the narrow specialization of the motorcycle calls into question this alternative.

However, we should not forget that when riding sports and at high speed, the motorcyclist must have control skills and be in good physical condition. After all, riding on a cross-country track means periodic ups and downs.


Suspension with a long stroke and high ground clearance will allow you to move freely through snow and water, through sand and mud. The motorcycle is characterized by a power of 16.3 hp. with a low weight of 120 kg and is very popular among beginners.

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Motorcycle IRBIS TTR 250

Additional advantages of the IRBIS TTR 250 over other motorcycles:

  1. The presence of a front headlight provides excellent visibility and comfortable riding of a motorcycle at night.
  2. The combined starting method (the presence of an electric starter and a conventional foot starter) ensures reliable engine starting in any situation (if the battery is drained, the starter is faulty).
  3. Economical fuel consumption - 3 liters. per 100 km. path - with a tank volume of 10 liters. allows you to ride a motorcycle and almost not think about fuel costs.
  4. A motorcycle muffler is designed in such a way that the pipe runs under the seat. Raised high, it does not suffer when the motorcycle falls and cannot burn the motorcyclist’s legs. The exhaust aerodynamics system is designed so that there is no turbulence in the exhaust gases.


  • All characteristics
  • Engine and transmission
  • Dimensions, frame
  • Manufacturer countryChina
    Years of manufacturefrom 2012 to present
    Motorcycle classOff-road motorcycle (cross)
    Engine type and size250 cc cm 4t
    Dry weight120kg
    Length Width Height2190/820/1230
    Gas tank volume8l
    Maximum Speed120 km/h
    Acceleration to 100 km/h in seconds12-14 seconds
    Transmission5-speed, manual
    Working volume223 cc cm
    Supply systemcarburetor
    Power, hp at rpm 15.6 hp at 7500 rpm
    Torque, Nm at rpm17.0 N.m. at 5500 rpm
    Cooling systemair
    Starting systemElectric starter, kickstarter
    main gearReinforced chain 530
    FrameSpatial, tubular, steel.
    Front suspensionTelescopic inverted fork
    Rear suspensionPendulum with monoshock absorber
    Brake systemHydraulic
    Front brakeDisk
    Rear brakeDisk
    Front tire80/100-21
    Rear tire110/100-18
  • Type1-cyl., 4T
    timing beltSOHC, 2 valves per cylinder
    Working volume, cm3223
    Max power, hp at rpm 15.6 hp at 7500 rpm
    Maximum torque, Nm/rpm17.0 N.m. at 5500 rpm
    Supply systemcarburetor
    Cooling systemair
    Starting systemelectric starter + kickstarter
    Acceleration to 100 km/h in seconds12-14 seconds
    Clutchmulti-disc, oil bath
    Transmission5-speed manual
    main gearchain
  • Dry weight, kg118
    Length X width X height, mm2190/820/1230
    Base, mm1420
    Seat height, mm870
    Ground clearance, mm220
    Fuel tank capacity, l8
    Load capacity, kg150
    Maximum speed, km/h120
    Framehalf-duplex steel
    Front suspensioninverted telescopic fork, non-adjustable
    Rear suspensionpendulum, with monoshock absorber and progressive characteristic, with adjustable shock absorber length
    Brake systemseparate, hydraulic
    Front brakedisc, 2-piston caliper
    Rear brakedisc, 2-piston caliper
    Front tire80/100–21
    Rear tire110/100–18

Parameters and characteristics

The Chinese did not reinvent the wheel, but followed the beaten path - they took time-tested components, built a tubular steel frame and hung everything they needed on it. The road brother in the GR 250 line gave the TTR 250 its single-cylinder air-cooled engine, once diligently copied by the Chinese from one of the old Japanese engines. The picture is completed by a 5-speed gearbox, carburetor, 8-liter gas tank and good suspension. The brakes are also good - there is a disc on each wheel. Considering the modest weight of the motorcycle (only 120 kg), their efficiency is more than enough for confident braking. In general, we can say that the characteristics of the Irbis TTR 250 fully correspond to its cost.

Large wheels allow the bike to cope with uneven surfaces that await the motorcyclist outside of paved roads, and the toothy standard tires literally bite into the ground, preventing the motorcycle from losing traction. True, short-legged bikers may not find the seating position very comfortable on the Irbis TTR 250 due to the high seat height - alas, this is the price to pay for the large free travel of the suspension.

Speaking of pendants, they are really good. So good that you wouldn’t even expect to find them on the budget Chinese enduro Irbis TTR 250 R Cross. And even if they do not have full adjustments, they are extremely effective at absorbing any shocks. The motorcycle is equipped with an inverted telescopic fork at the front, and a classic monoshock absorber at the rear. If the rider is very heavy and the TTR 250 fork breaks on bumps, you can try pouring more viscous fork oil into it - this will add rigidity. But here it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the oil, after half an hour of active driving, may foam and ask to come out, squeezing out the seals.


  • pistons with wear-resistant Teflon coating;
  • ceramic heat-resistant coating of cylinders;
  • enlarged carburetor diffuser for forced engine operation;
  • adjustable ignition timing, allowing you to tune the engine to different operating modes and types of gasoline;
  • double winding ignition coil;
  • enlarged valves in the cylinder head, ensuring durability in the operation of the distribution mechanism;
  • carburetor petal valves, which save fuel and increase power by filtering the mixture from exhaust gases.

The valve springs of the IRBIS TTR 250 motorcycle are made using galvanic coating technology with a stainless steel compound. The engine weight is reduced due to aluminum flywheels. Increased clutch reliability is ensured by two sets of springs of different elasticity.

Tuning the IRBIS TTR motorcycle

Tuning IRBIS TTR 250

The plastic used in production is of relatively low quality, which quite often leads to breakdowns when driving, so installing from Japanese analogues would be a good option.

Replacing the exhaust will not only increase power a little, but also make the sound more aggressive.

A good addition would be to replace the chain with a Japanese one.

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Replacing the handlebars on your motorcycle will make you much better able to withstand falls.

For whom

Here are the main features of the Yamaha TTR 250:

  • maintainability;
  • reliability;
  • affordable price.

In addition, the motorcycle is sufficiently developed, and there will not be any glaring problems with it. Convenient and simple, the Yamaha TTR 250 will suit many connoisseurs of the class who need a good and inexpensive option with decent performance.


The price for Irbis TTR 250 in car dealerships is currently 69,900 rubles. assembled, slightly cheaper when disassembled.

Screenshot No. 1. Prices on the Avito website

2013 TTR 250. Profile view

Chassis and brakes

The frame of this product is made of steel. By type it is duplex. There is no chic in its appearance, but all elements are made carefully and tastefully. The steering wheel here is typical, as are the spoked wheels, which immediately makes it possible to recognize the TTR 250 as a purebred enduro.

The rear pendulum suspension here is equipped with a monoshock absorber, and the front one is a telescopic fork. The TTR 250 brakes at the rear using a 220 mm disc complete with a single-piston caliper, and at the front for this purpose a 245 mm disc is used together with a two-piston caliper.

Assembly Guide

  1. Installation of the front fork.
  2. Installation of steering wheel and controls.
  3. Battery installation.
  4. Screwing the wheels.
  5. Installation of shields and plastic panels.
  6. Installation of shock absorbers.

Download the complete assembly guide here

Assembling a motorcycle at home with your own hands is not very difficult. No special tools are required for this. Usually this does not take more than 3-4 hours.

2014 TTR250. Profile view

With sufficient diagnostic experience, you can buy a used motorcycle. In this case, the cost may decrease sharply. The Avito website has offers for motorcycles from 2012 and 2013 at prices starting from 60,000 rubles.

In any case, buying an SUV of this type, you will not regret the investment. After all, if you wish, you can spin any figure eight on it, cut snow and mud, and even with certain training, engage in sports motorcycle acrobatics.


When purchasing a motorcycle of this class, purchasing protective equipment will be a necessary step, since off-road riding is often accompanied by falls.

Equipment for IRBIS TTR 250

Classic motocross rider set


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  • protective motorcycle helmet;
  • protective goggles for motocross;
  • "Turtle" protective jacket;
  • protective pads for elbows;
  • knee protectors;
  • motorcycle motocross gloves.


On motorcycle websites you can find many videos about this model of motorcycle. This abundance of material is due to the popularity of the motorcycle among motorcyclists.

Video review of the motorcycle

A few tricks on the Irbis TTR 250

IRBIS TTR 250 buyers are offered information and technical support after registering on the website www.irbismotors.ru. On the pages of fans of this motorcycle model you can find answers to almost all questions that arise during the operation of your favorite.

Reviews from real owners

When I was looking for my first two-wheeled friend, I chose from the Chinese, since there was little money. At first the choice fell on the Flame 200, but then I decided that riding off-road at the dacha would also be fun, and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so in the end I took the Irbis TTR 250. A normal budget bike. In the photo it seemed smaller than it actually turned out; I could barely reach the ground with my feet. The wiring under the plastic hung anyhow, I had to rearrange it myself according to my mind. Otherwise, no complaints. Ivan, Ryazan, Irbis TTR 250 '2015.

I finally decided to buy the Irbis TTR 250 after watching a video of it on YouTube and reading reviews from the owners. The motorcycle, of course, is cheap, there are not enough stars in the sky - this is understandable, but what you pay is what you get. The main thing is to use your hands after purchasing and check the tightening torque of all the bolts - I had a couple of them that were not tightened. The wiring is flimsy, I put it in heat shrink and insulated it properly. The plastic is thin. There are no complaints about the technical part. Tuning for the Irbis TTR 250 can be found on Aliexpress, the price tag is humane. Pavel, Moscow, Irbis TTR 250 '2016.

I was looking at used Japanese cars like Djebel or Honda Baja, but only the first years of production fit into my budget. You could get an almost new snow leopard for the same money. I read the review, looked at the reviews and decided to take it. The engine, of course, is more vegetable than the Japanese 250 cc, but it’s enough. The standard light is weak, but at night no one is enduring anyway - it’s dangerous, and during the day light is not needed. The build quality is acceptable, consumption is within 3 liters on asphalt, off-road it varies. I use 92 gasoline. Artyom, Omsk, Irbis TTR 250 '2014.

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