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Enduro is a sport that uses motorcycle or bicycle equipment.

The essence of the competition is to cover a long distance while taking into account various road surfaces and rough terrain.

Simply put, this is a multi-day race during which you need to cover a huge distance. The first such competition was held back in 1902.

Design Description

series lineup was produced in spurts and not very consistently , so each subsequent model had certain external and internal changes.

However, the characteristic features of enduro motorcycles have always remained unchanged:

  • The front wheel is slightly exaggerated in diameter, but lightened in terms of weight;
  • “Bicycle” (spoked) wheels are ideal for this sport, as they can withstand heavy impacts and are easy to repair;
  • The entire model range has a raised mud flap, due to which dirt does not get stuck between it and the wheel;
  • The tires on such motorcycles, naturally, are not designed for simple roads;
  • The chain drive (transmission) weighs little and has good shock-absorbing properties.

To avoid misconceptions, you should immediately dot all the i’s.

The Honda XR 600 R is not fast. Its priority is power, because this little thing will carry you everywhere you need to go.

The bike starts very quickly, the engine starts without any problems . The series also has an unusual fit that takes some getting used to.

Despite this, the bike is incredibly comfortable, and riding for many hours will not leave a trace of fatigue on you.

The model is not particularly convenient for the city , since the motorcycle has impressive dimensions.

Because of this, you may not be able to handle turns as smoothly as when sitting on a similar model. The driver may also have troubles related to stunts.

During flight, the motorcycle tilts forward ungodly, which can lead to a serious accident.

Brief history of the model

The 2003 model was an almost exact copy of the RC211, using Grand Prix technology.
Thus, the motorcycle received a proprietary Pro-Link rear suspension and a two-stage PGM-DSFI fuel supply system. In 2004, only an oxygen sensor was added to the model. In 2005, the “stuffing” was modernized, the adjustable inverted fork was also completely changed, adding some more racing technology - disc brakes with 4-piston radial calipers and a completely new aluminum frame, swingarm and rear shock absorber.

Minor changes have also been made to the engine. As a result of all the updates, the motorcycle has become 4 kilograms lighter. In 2006, the model received new color schemes.

On September 6, 2006, Honda Corporation introduced the new CBR600RR for the 2007 model year. The motorcycle has been significantly modernized, and its dry weight has decreased by another 9 kg - to 154 kg. The CBR600RR gets an all-new engine (smaller and 2 kg lighter than its predecessor) with 105 horsepower.

The frame was also reduced, making it lighter and more compact, the wheelbase was shortened by 2.2 cm, while the swingarm was lengthened by 5 mm - this became a reality thanks to the more compact size of the engine.

The following year, the CBR600RR received new cast aluminum wheels to further reduce the bike's weight and improve overall performance. HESD steering damper appeared. In 2008, only the color schemes were updated.

Another year later, Honda introduces a completely updated CBR600RR: a new engine with revised piston geometry, a new cylinder head and exhaust system. All this made it possible to significantly increase torque in the upper range by 3.5%.

For the first time, changes also affected the appearance of the motorcycle: a new fairing shape helped reduce noise levels, stabilize the motorcycle and improve aerodynamic performance. In subsequent years, the technical part of the CBR600RR remained unchanged.

For several years, Japanese engineers paid attention to either the technical characteristics of the motorcycle or its color schemes, but in 2013 (a decade since the release of the CBR600RR), the mid-sized motorcycle was finally completely updated!

The CBR600RR features a new fairing that significantly improves aerodynamics and performance. The front section also underwent changes: due to this, the inertial boost increased, and therefore the torque in the “mid-range” of revolutions increased.

The Japanese designers did not forget about the technical part: a new engine control unit was added to the “stuffing” of the motorcycle, which should (according to the designers) make control on the CBR600RR even more precise, and significantly speed up the engine’s response to the movement of the throttle.

The 2013 version uses a “Big Piston” fork and 12-spoke wheels, the same shock absorber, but with new settings, and combined ABS (anti-locking system). The CBR600RR is available in the same colors: red, orange and black Repsol version and a tri-color version (red, white and blue).

This sports 600 from Honda holds the speed record for production motorcycles with a 600 cc engine.

In 2013, Japanese pilot Shinji Yokokawa was able to reach a top speed of 274.8 km/h on the CBR600RR, accelerating the motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Lake in the USA. The CBR600RR model also distinguished itself in competitions on the race track: in 2010, the middle class of 250 cc motorcycles in the ShKMG championship was replaced by a different class - Moto2. According to the new rules, engine capacity was allowed to be increased to 600 cm³.

Honda took advantage of this: to reduce costs for competitions, participating teams had to use a single engine, which was the engine from the CBR600RR. She was in charge of tuning engines until 2013; she was replaced in 2013. However, under the contract, engines from the CBR600RR will be used in racing until 2015.

In the Supersport class, the CBR600RR won eight world championships between 2003 and 2008, and two championships in 2010 and 2014.

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For example, we will take the 1990 Honda XR 600 R model.
Officially, this model belongs to the “enduro-offroad” category.

The height of the motorcycle is 94 cm, the length of the wheelbase is 145.5 cm, and the unloaded weight of the bike is 128 kg.

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Characteristics and performance of the Honda XR 600 R model
TypeSingle cylinder four stroke
CoolingAir system
Maximum power46 l. With.
Number of valves4 pcs/1 cylinder
checkpoint5 steps
Front tire80/100-18
Rear tire110/100-17
Wheel brakingDisc (256 mm and 220 mm)
Other options
Fuel volume10.5 l
Max. speed 110 km

First, it’s worth looking at the most significant shortcomings of the Honda XR 600 R.

So, initially it should be noted that the rear wheel hub, or rather its bearing, wears out simply phenomenally quickly .

Of course, a lot depends on the owner's lifestyle, but check the rear wheel from time to time . To do this, you need to rock it with both hands.

If you notice any play, then you need to immediately take the iron horse and take it for a replacement.

The front wheel also needs to be checked at least sometimes.

The second problem may be the timing chain tensioner . How do you know if you have problems with this mechanism?

If you hear a characteristic clicking sound from the engine, then the problem is in the chain tensioner.

You can’t delay repairs, because the breakdown can progress and cause even bigger problems.

The third problem is associated with a long operating time and a rough ride: the third gear refuses to function normally, and the motorcycle begins to “howl” after a long run.

The point here is not the complexity of the breakdown, but the cost of solving it. It is very easy to aggravate this situation, so immediately contact a specialist.

The advantages of this unit are comfortable, fatigue-free driving on any road. The Honda XR 600 R can withstand six-day competitions, the main thing is to monitor and care for it.

The quality of workmanship of the Japanese is always at its best in this regard: the motorcycle copes perfectly with the function assigned to it, and all its elements and systems work like clockwork.

Brief review of the Honda CBR 600 RR model

Several years of hard work on the motorcycle and further victories - and Honda becomes the main manufacturer of engines for Moto2 racing motorcycles. It is not difficult to guess what kind of engines Honda supplies to the championship - engines from 600RR, updated and adapted, which have proven their reliability and excellent potential. The CBR 600RR has been refined for 10 years to keep winning.

Separate seating for the passenger and driver is a hallmark of a sports motorcycle , which confirms both the letter designation “RR” in the name and the established opinion that the 600RR is intended only for the track. A pronounced sporty stance, a high-spirited engine and a sporty body kit – everything is right.

However, the 600RR also performs well as a “sport tourer”: long trips are quite easy for it, thanks to its comfortable seating position and low fuel consumption.

But these motorcycles also have one specific “disease”: with increasing mileage, the chain begins to knock at 3-5 thousand rpm . The reason lies in the “worm” of the chain tensioner and the chain itself. A convenient feature is present in the injection system - the ability to self-diagnosis: when the ignition is turned on, the lamps on the display indicate a malfunction.

Simple and easy to drive, the CBR 600RR performs well in any conditions, be it the race track or narrow city streets.

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Estimated cost

You can buy a used 1998 model with low mileage (up to 3 thousand kilometers) for $4,500.

A 1990 model with a mileage of 70 thousand km can be found for $1300-1500.

A new model, alas, is unlikely to be found, because the model range has been replaced by the improved 650s.

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Motorcycle photo

Over the years, during which a large number of copies of this motorcycle were produced, the Honda CBR600RR has attracted admiring glances. You just want to touch it, try to ride it. We bring to your attention a small selection of photos of the motorcycle.

Photo gallery

One of the company’s successful motorcycles is the Honda XR 600 R. A moderate riding pace may confuse you, but the power and ease of control will dispel the doubts of the most demanding drivers. Evaluate its appearance by looking at our photo selection.

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