Yamaha Wolverine 450 - a bright representative of the sports class

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The Wolverine 450 ATV is a unique development of Japanese engineers and designers of the Yamaha concern.

Possessing the appearance and character of a sports vehicle, this “stallion” perfectly copes with long expeditions and extreme tasks in completely off-road conditions.

By the way, the model is ideally suited to the name, which translates as “Wolverine” - a small but powerful bear with the agility of a marten.

Model features

Being the leader of its class, the model in question from Yamaha has very few analogues from other manufacturers , so there is no need to talk about direct competitors - they simply do not exist.

Most ATVs can be divided into sports and utilitarian.

If everything is clear with the first, then the second are intended for use on the farm (farm, personal plot, cottage), and have high cross-country ability and load-carrying capacity.

The Yamaha Wolverine 450 ideally combines the functionality of the first and second types , representing an example of an all-terrain vehicle of an intermediate universal type.

According to the developer, the Wolverine 450 model is the company's best four-wheeled motorcycle , which is ideal for active leisure and extreme sports.


Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Front Suspension Travel (in/mm)8.7 / 221
Pre-setting the suspension fork travel+
F Stabilizer Bar+
Rear suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspension travel (in/mm)9.3 / 236.2
Rear adjustable shock/spring preload+
Rear shock absorbers2
Anti-roll bar+
Adjustment typeSpring Mounted Adjustment
Pneumatic adjustment

Design and equipment

The appearance of Yamaha's ATV called the Wolverine 450 alone can persuade a buyer to buy.
The design of the device ambiguously hints at speed and guaranteed drive, because the pointed “front” of the car looks like an attacking snake.

The picture is complemented by sharply shaped wings made of elastic material and which have become signature for the Japanese brand.

The utilitarian component of the ATV can be seen in the all-wheel drive, solid power, high clearance, low seat, CVT transmission and plastic cladding.

At the same time, the sportiness of the device is expressed by rapid contours, excellent acceleration, the absence of downshifts and differential locks, a wide speed range and an ultra-reliable suspension designed taking into account maximum loads.

The aggressive design and impressive technical performance of the ATV are harmoniously combined with a high level of driver comfort, for which many thanks to the Japanese engineers.

Thus, the pilot’s landing is made taking into account human physiology and does not tire during long driving and/or conquering off-road terrain , and special lighting allows you to notice obstacles and obstacles in a timely manner.

When overcoming jumps, the car will certainly be on four wheels, with excellent shock absorption, which allows you to conquer even mountainous areas .

The design does not provide a fuel level sensor. The instrument panel includes only a speedometer and a mileage counter (day), as well as indicators for gear position and engine temperature.

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A motorcycle that has its own, unique style:


Frame materialSteel
Housing materialPlastic
Circuit protection
DriveShaft Guard
Engine Case Guard
Power bumper+
Radiator protection+
Front mudguards
Rear mudguards
Trunk lid+
Front bumperStandard
Underbody protection+
Swing Arm Skid Plate
Skid Plate+
Roll cageStandard


The power, dynamics and speed of the Wolverine 450 are contained in a fairly compact body, the dimensions of which are:

  • Length - 197.8 cm;
  • Width - 106.3 cm;
  • Height (maximum / saddle) - 109.5/84.1 cm;
  • Wheelbase - 123.3 cm.

With these indicators, the curb weight of the car is not so much - 250 kilograms.

The heart of the Yamaha Wolverine 450 is a four-stroke single-cylinder 420 cc power unit, characterized by a rather modest appetite.

Gasoline can be used either AI-95 or cheaper AI-92. The fuel tank holds just under 15 liters of fuel.

The ATV is equipped with a Mikuni BSR 33 carburetor, and the engine is started using an electric starter.

The frame is made of steel and does not have fastenings for mounting a winch.

The power plant is powered by a proprietary five-speed automatic transmission called “Ultramatic”, which is a CVT with On-Command all-wheel drive (4x4 WD).

The front suspension has an independent design with A-arms, and the rear has a pendulum design. The brake system is hydraulic, there are two discs in front and one in the rear (on the axle).

The chassis uses radial tires with sizes AT 23×8 - 12 and AT 23×10 - 12.

You should know that this device has a liquid (or rather, oil) cooling system, which maintains the optimal temperature balance of the power unit.

Technical characteristics of the Yamaha Wolverine 450 ATV
Power unit4-stroke, 1-cylinder SOHC.
Engine displacement421 cubic centimeters.
Engine power42 horsepower.
TransmissionYamaha Ultramatic 5-speed CVT
Speed ​​limit80 kilometers per hour


Cabin comfort and attention to detail are top notch in the RMAX. It's comfortable to get in and easy to get out of (and a big contrast to past X models). The handles of the new three-piece doors are located on the inside, which protects them from dirt and impacts. The speaker jacks built into the doors make it easy to install a speaker system.

The blue backlit display, installed directly behind the steering wheel, is easy to read. Compared to the Wolverine X2, the cabin is more car-like , it is more spacious, and the driver's seat has more adjustability.

The gas and brake pedals have a new design . The steering wheel with 17-degree tilt adjustment is trimmed with soft rubber. The passenger got an adjustable T-shaped handrail with a stroke of 95mm and an adjustment step of 4mm.

The cabin will be quite comfortable for a variety of people. A colleague with a height of 185 cm said that he had quite a lot of room in any seat, and his wide shoulders almost did not fit into a chair with back support (which is unpleasant when driving, but according to him it is not critical). The steering wheel is firm but soft to the touch and adjusts well. The seats are comfortable and balanced—well supportive but not obstructive when getting in and out of the cabin. The seating arrangement on the chassis is perfectly calculated, and there is almost no swaying of people on uneven terrain, so the passenger grab handle is almost never needed. The three-point harnesses are one of the most comfortable we've ever used, they don't press or get in the way, and the areas you touch with your hands and knees are soft. All controls, knobs, switches are of the highest quality.

Interior of Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 2021

On the go, the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 does not rattle, does not squeak, does not make irritating sounds or vibrations - only a pleasant engine sound and a slight hiss of the variator.

Among the internal luggage capacities, there is a 5.8-liter passenger glove compartment, a 2.7-liter glove compartment in the center console with two cup holders. This glove compartment is rubberized and allows you to charge your smartphone without the risk of flooding it.

XT-R and Limited models feature Yamaha Adventure Pro tablet navigation and USB port integration. The Adventure Pro mounts securely to your dashboard and is easily removed for in-vehicle use.

All 2021 Wolverine RMAX2 1000s come with a roof and can also be equipped with an optional windshield, full cab and rearview mirrors. Their modern, sporty design is emphasized by LED lighting: 7.6-watt low beam, 15.2-watt reflector high beam, as well as rear lights and a reversing light.

Approximate price

In Russia, the Japanese masterpiece Wolverine 450 has not gained much popularity, but the “four-wheeler” has a huge army of fans around the world.
Perhaps, once you ride this horse, you will join the fans of the model, because this powerful ATV will conquer the world once and for all .

At official dealers of the Yamaha brand in the Russian Federation, the Wolverine 450 model is sold at a price of about 400,000 rubles.

However, ATV owners claim that a reliable, high-quality and versatile “Japanese” is worth every penny spent.

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Photo gallery

With the appearance of a sports ATV, the Wolverine 450 model is perfect for traveling and will not be embarrassed by the need to overcome off-road conditions. Our small photo selection will allow you to take a closer look at the external details of the ATV from all sides.

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